Grape varieties: 65% Corvina, 15% Corvinone + 10% Rondinella + 10% other varieties

Vineyards: 12 hectars located in Bastia, exactly on the valley between the Val d’Alpone and Val d’Illasi. The shaley clay - subalkaline land, is formed in a broad plateau with slight slopes, produced by the alteration of limestone formations and in particular the white and red scales. The volcano (basalt) is non-existent. Altitude: 450m/above sea level.

Vine age: New plantings and old one of 20-35 years

Vines per hectare: 5200

Production: 60 - 70 Hl/Ha

Harvest: Hand picked during the last two weeks of September and lay to dry in small boxes in “fruttaio”

Fermentation e maturation: The grapes are allowed to dry gently in well-ventilated rooms for around 4-5 months, concentrating their flavours, sweetness and colour. In winter, the grapes are crushed, fermentation starts with natural yeast and then the must is filled into 500-1000 lt oak barrels to finish fermenting. The wine matures in wood for 30-36 months before bottling.

At first glance: Intense ruby red colour

On the nose:
Red ripe fruit, small woodland fruits

On the palate:
Rich, refined, elegant

Service temperature: 18°C