Our cultivation

Before talking about vines and vineyards we need to explain how we cultivate.

For a few years we have decided to dedicate the care of our vineyards to a high level environmental sustainability which we are introducing with method and severity, avoiding short-cuts and esoteric practices, carrying out accurate tests in territory which for habit, exposure and ventilation are intrinsically resistant to pathologies and therefore naturally adapted to sustainability.

Therefore the most important choice has been the elimination of insecticides/fungicides traditionally used in the battle against “tignola” and fungal diseases (peronospera, oidio, botrytis) which have been substituted with natural products. In the first case, the use of substances which “confuse” the sexual process and therefore avoid/limit the proliferation of the insects, in the second, using just copper and essential oils of vegetable origin.
We are debating the question of chemical fertilization and its possible substitution using two agronomy techniques or rather the organic fertilization or the use of green manure, in particular the latter. The technique at using green manure consists in the sowing and later digging in of specific herbal substances able to naturally enrich the soil (to add nitrogen) and harmonize the balance, in particular the ratio magnesium/potassium, often not balanced in our volcanic soils. For this use, the mostly used vegetal species are: Trifolium Incarnatum Molineri, Vicia Sativa, Lolium Italicum.