White vineyards

Our "white" vineyards are found on the basalt slopes of the Alpone valley which are normally black, in some rare cases yellow and sometimes red, the origin of Terrossa, where the company was founded and where, still today, the winery is based.

All of the vineyards have an altitude of between 150 and 450m where the dry ventilated climate permits and facilitates a substantial cultivation when non biological.

Over the last years, we have pointed towards altitude to benefit from the climatic transformation; the higher the vineyard the fresher and more nervous and mineral the aroma.

For us, and I believe for all the farmers who cultivate the hillsides, it's inexistent and unthinkable to do a job like this without passion. The hillside vineyard has its own exclusive personality, you can see this over and over again in each corner, valley, gorge, escarpment and recess. It creeps into the woodland as does the woodland do to it.

Hillside farming is a true passion tied to the land, a cultural and territorial guarantee, the defence an environment as gentle as it is fragile. In our vineyards the pride of place is for the Garganega, this region's backbone, without forgetting the Durello, a true indigenous grape as well as Trebbiano di Soave. In addition to the above, we have, with convinction, searched for, individuated and dedicated two terrains, both in the area of Roncà, to the national and international challenge, devoting each, respectively, to Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon.


Our main "white" vineyards are:

Vigneto CRU Motto Piane

Vigneto Valparadiso